Gloria (angellolita) wrote,


oh yays
so anyways, its almost summer break!! I am so excited! to do what?
I have many plans........ sewing, studying for SAT, APUSH homework, Japanese! Homework...
study Chinese, buy a wig, get a job, lalala tratrat!!!

anyways, today on the bus, there was THIS REALLY I mean REALLY creepy guy on the bus who was taking picture of people (especially of this one girl really her mod book).
He was like this really humungous giano baaabaaa of a sheep... well he was really scary and creepy and kinda mentally ill and scary....scary...beyond this world of baaabaaa sheeps!! @_@

so he was taking photos of people on the bus with his cellphone and people were like WTF... 
this has got to be the most weirdest strangest bus ride I have ever been on...

and that dude and a whole load of crap.....
CD Player...cell phone.... big duffle bag of ..... who knows what baaabaaa sheeps are in there!!

the other day... I saw this kid...or teen... or guy...
who was playing his DS .... 
and he had a music player on too T_T
how do people do these things!! and then he took out his cellphone... gosh! I mean... gosh!!

baaabaa sheeps!!!
I want my sheep back... it was cute.... TT__________________TT

so there is this kid... teen.... dude.... guy...

who has really pretty hands. Well I shouldn't put it THAT way but it was really girly and pretty. I'm kinda jealous.



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